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5 episode Running Man Lee Seung Gi join includes Episode 120 + 121 Lee Seung Gi with Park Shin Hye, Episode 174 – Lee Seung Gi và Tap 228 + 229 Lee Seung Gi with Moon Chae-won.Bạn đang xem: Lee seung gi, moon chae won and the chocolate

Running Man is one of the funniest reality entertainment trò chơi in Korea that is loved by audiences around the world. The interesting point of the show comes from the guest cast such as famous actors, singers, and idols in Korea, even Hollywood stars.

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And Lee Seung Gi is one of the familiar guest with a high frequency of appearances. So let us reviews the Running man episodes that Lee Seung Gi join in!

I. Who is Lee Seung Gi?

Lee Seung Gi (born January 13, 1987) is a male singer & actor. In 2002, Lee Seung Gi, who was only 17 years old, was discovered by a veteran diva, Lee Sun Hee, who discovered talent for singing & offered him music training for 2 years. Later, he officially debuted as a singer and song Because You’re My Woman.

The song with a gentle, easy-listening, easy-to-follow melody is shown by Lee Seung Gi’s deep, sweet voice as if it was pouring honey into the ears quickly into a popular hit hit across the country.

Thanks lớn the initial success of the imaginative, beloved Lee’s popularity, the title “boy steals the hearts of noona (big female fans) older) ”.


The danh mục of 3 running man episodes included Lee Seung Gi

Overcome, Lee Seung Gi decided khổng lồ try acting in acting through his role in sitcom eating Nonstop5. Thanks khổng lồ that, he was “chosen khổng lồ send gold” to lớn the role of Hwang Tae Ja in the popular drama Famous Princesses.

With a sincere, charismatic acting ability, Lee Seung Gi successfully portrayed the lovely youngest son, thoughtless and left a deep impression in his heart. Audience.

Not only that, the actor also received a lot of affection from the housewives và was voted “the national groom” – the title so far has not been able to replace.

II. Which Running Man episodes does Lee Seung Gi join in?

Running Man is the most popular reality TV show in Korea và recently its fever has spread throughout East và Southeast Asia.

Members of the program included many famous singers and actors lượt thích Song Ji Hyo, Kim Jong Kook, Lee Kwang Soo, and Haha, together with South Korea’s most famous host Yoo Jae Suk.

Lee Seung Gi is one of the most popular guests in Running Man. Famous as a highly educated actor, but sometimes, he has “clumsy” actions that make fans surprised và laugh when participating in TV shows.


What episodes does Running Man Program Lee Seung Gi take?

Seung Gi is not even knowledgeable about how to lớn go to the subway & gave Lee Kwang Soo the opportunity to tease himself as “a new countryman on the city”. Lee Seung Gi hamlet’s Running Man Series includes 229, 228, 174, 121, 120.

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1. Episode 120 + 121 – Lee Seung Gi joins with Park Shin Hye

This is a broadcast with the participation of “national groom” Lee Seung Gi and beautiful actress Park Shin Hye. Listening to lớn the name “Spy 007” has made you curious, drag down a bit khổng lồ see now.

With the challenge in episode 121, the Running Man are transformed into spies lớn prevent the silver blast from being volatile. In this mission, guy Lee Seung Gi has been entrusted with an important mission to become a spy lớn remove the remaining members.


Episode 120 + 121 Running Man Lee Seung Gi joined Park Shin Hye

However, he encountered a problem from his guest friend Park Shin Hye và it was she who deprived him of his right to lớn win. Until he entered the cell, Seung Gi was still unaware, the most important “secret mail” was in his shoes, he even thought it was a “disguised” advertisement of Running Man. P>

The final result, because I can’t believe anyone, the Running Man has been eliminated continuously, only the girl of “black forces” Shin Hye is still unable to open the safe contained the gold và it exploded.

However, if you look closely you will find out that Park Shin Hye is a suspicious character when she successfully rips Jae Suk, Suk Jin, và Seung Gi’s 3 name boards.

Video Running man 120 Vietsub

video clip here

Video Running man 121 Vietsub

Clips here

2. Episode 174 – Lee Seung Gi


Episode 174 Running man Lee Seung Gi joined

In this episode, the players and guests are paired with two people into one team, Lee Seung-gi teamed up with a funny giraffe Lee Kwang-soo .

The mission of this episode is that the player finds the password based on the clues suggested by the program, has extremely humorous situations from these 2 guys . However, results of Lee Kwang-soo và amp; Lee Seung-gi won the final victory and received 5 gold bars.

đoạn clip of 174 Vietsub Running man

3. Episode 228 + 229 – Lee Seung Gi with Moon Chae-won

Lee Seung Gi can be seen as one of the most favored guests when often invited khổng lồ appear in episodes with interesting challenges.

Episode 228 + 229 Running man Lee Seung Gi joined Moon Chae-won

Series two episodes 228 và 229 feature the talented talented couple Lee Seung Gi, Moon Chae Won & the cooperative collaboration with many gestures xinh tươi makes the heart melt. Probably the năm ngoái training ground, from which Running Man’s other episodes all have high ratings.

The challenge in these two episodes is that teams have lớn roll lớn find the safest place khổng lồ live in inclement weather or challenge to remove cards by stacking cards There are the same numbers into a pair of tensions to lớn suffocate. The ratings of these two episodes hit 17.8%.

đoạn clip Running man 228 và 229 Vietsub

So we just came across the characteristics of Running man episodes that Lee Seung Gi appeared as a guest. Sure that it’s so extremely attractive and fun, save it right away khổng lồ see và have moments of relaxation.