The best medium format cameras are smaller & better than ever, & they"re even challenging full frame cameras on price



The best medium format camera deliver peerless image quality and that impossible-to-replicate medium format "look". Their large sensors offer the depth and dynamic range of similarly sized film, outstripping full-frame in terms of sheer quality.

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For years, these cameras had a niche popularity, with a reputation for being impressive on the inside, but horribly bulky and impossibly expensive. However, the game has changed.

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It arguably started with Fujifilm, which kicked off a medium format revolution with the introduction of its impressive mirrorless GFX cameras. Smaller & much more affordable than traditional medium format cameras, these models started making big-sensor photography more mainstream than it has ever been. Hasselblad got in on the trò chơi too, with its clever modular system cameras that can breathe life into old equipment.

Packing bigger sensors & bigger megapixel counts, clever cameras lượt thích the Fujifilm GFX 100s (opens in new tab) or the Hasselblad X1D II 50C (opens in new tab) can be used handheld, with better-than-ever ergonomics. They aren"t the only ones with skin in the game, & we"ve also made room on its menu for Leica"s DSLR-style S3, as well as some truly specialized big-pixel options from Phase One.

There are always plenty of rumors about what the future might hold as well – some eagle-eyed fans are convinced they spotted a medium-format mirrorless mã sản phẩm at Leica HQ (opens in new tab), và there"s also talk that drone-makers DJI, who has enjoyed a long partnership with Hasselblad, might get in on the medium format action (opens in new tab).

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These cameras aren"t cheap, and never will be. But if you"re looking for the best you can get in terms of digital image quality, they"re right here. Kiểm tra out our guide on how khổng lồ upgrade from full-frame to medium format (opens in new tab) if you"re curious about what steps khổng lồ take.

Best medium format cameras = ultimate image quality

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There"s a reason that medium format cameras are considered some of the best cameras for professionals (opens in new tab). The kích cỡ of their sensors and the image unique they offer is completely unparalleled, surpassing even that of full frame cameras lượt thích the Sony A7R IV (opens in new tab), Nikon Z7 (opens in new tab), và Canon EOS R5 (opens in new tab) which are squeezing more sensors than ever onto a 35mm sensor. Medium format is simply another level.

It is worth noting that medium format sensors come in two main sizes. The "full frame" medium format form size is used by Phase One and Hasselblad"s H-series cameras, & it corresponds closely with the old 645 film format. There"s also a smaller size, midway between this và full frame sensors, which is used by the Hasselblad X-D, Fujifilm, Pentax, and Leica cameras.

But that"s enough preamble. Let"s look at the best medium format cameras you can buy right now!