Fast wi-fi, and instant BT pairing with my Charge 4 speaker. I"ve had this motherboard for a long time và it started out running a Ryzen 5 3600, khổng lồ a 5800x today without a single issue. Easy to flash bios and bios thực đơn is so simple to navigate. I"ll always buy MSI motherboards.

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Built-in wifi is important, và built-in bluetooth is a very nice feature. Beyond that, it has space for several high-speed storage options and runs on a great chipset.


A really good ******* deal, if your thinking about get a Ryzen 3000 Series this bad boy will handle any one of them, all the way from the 3600 to the 3950x, kiểm tra out Actually Hardcore Overclocking for his full in-depth look on this motherboard & its compatibility with the 3000 Series, he really helped me out here when i was at a loss on what MB to lớn buy.Make sure you flash the MB before you install the CPU, its not a overly complex process, & there are tutorials on Youtube as well as guidelines by MSI themselves.The RGB is ****** but who the **** uses that **** anyway? If your budgeting on this MB you really should not be worrying about spending a premium on RGB lighting.


The good: Price, features, the fact that I don"t have lớn use dragon Center.

The bad: RGB (it"s so underwhelming), the fact that there"s no pre-installed I/O shield. You can vì chưng better for the price, but if you must have a B450 board, make it this.

Solid motherboard with overclocking room up lớn a 3900X or stock 3950X. Will even tư vấn 5000 series Ryzen come January. Looks great and installation was easy.

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What more can you ask for, a board with dual m.2 slots, a great VRM setup, enough RGB and fan headers for even the crazy person, and A/C wifi onboard. Not forgetting the RGB, which works và looks great, there is just enough to be classy without going full Unicorn Rainbow Puke. Now the downside, which is why I only gave it 4 stars. The bios is "classic", simple can be good, but when you want lớn overclock your CPU và RAM, a little GUI goes a long way. The second downside is long Center....just holy cow, it has khổng lồ load a ton of APK"s just to vày thing that I would never want a software program khổng lồ do....oh well.

Stunning motherboard, I can"t say a lot because it was my first build and I really don"t know much but the heatsinks are great and it has plenty of headers!

Looks nice, has 8+4 pins for the CPU in case you really want khổng lồ push it, & strong VRMs make it relatively future-proof. Layout makes sense & makes for easy building. The two M.2 slots leave plenty of room lớn upgrade.

This motherboard BIOS has a stripped down UI to lớn accomodate increased features - but it did come with the BIOs updated to work with my AM4 socket.

RGB controllability is a nice feature khổng lồ have. I had issues at first getting built in bluetooth & wifi to pick up signals, but its working quite well now giving me 100+ MB mạng internet speeds & connecting fairly easy to lớn my bluetooth không dây peripherals. Getting the antenna on the wifi into the right position makes a big difference.

Installing windows from a boot drive was a bit strange - there was some guess work involved because it was showing multiple options for the single USB boot drive - eventually it did work.