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Incredibly good for the price, i"m currently running a Ryzen 9 3950X and an RTX 3070-Ti & a bunch of fans and works very well. BIOS could be better but has all the important feautures.

Pretty great motherboard! It"s a budget motherboard for sure, as I chose to build a B450 based build alongside the Ryzen 5 3600, rather than B550, to lớn save money. This motherboard has all the headers và connections I needed, such as an M.2 slot, only 1 PCI-Ex16 slot, and 2 fan headers at least. MSI was a very recommended brand and I am glad I bought from them. This was actually the only part that came damaged out of all my build parts; the first motherboard I bought had the SATA ports on the side of the motherboard slightly broken upwards, with the đen ports not flush with the surface of the motherboard. I returned it khổng lồ Amazon và Amazon immediately shipped a new one arriving in 2 business days o.O The second motherboard looked perfect. I just wanted lớn be safe & replace the motherboard, even though I did not plan on using the SATA ports, in case I missed anything else. So it just delayed me building my PC for a few days.

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Works, not khổng lồ expensive. However the PCB appears đen in the product pictures but it is a dark brown in real life.

Used this before on a previous build, the board màu sắc is the only part that really sucks about it. BIOS is great và has plenty on connectors on it.

Decent motherboard for budget builds. One good thing about it has 4 dimm slots. It doesnt have any rgb, no usb c support, cant go overboard with sata storage, only one nvme. The PCIE lever broke off but you can easily put it back on.

Alright cheapo board. No issues with it asides my novice frustrations and the lack of front panel documentation. The brown pcb looks pretty awful but, you get what you pay for. I"d pony up the $20 for something better though.

Small and affordable with enough option that fit my needs. Currently have a 2600x in it but can upgrade to lớn zen 3 without a bios update. Only down side for me is the limited amount of fan headers. Also this board is brown not black but I’m ok with that.

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