Autumn is Fuji refers khổng lồ the period at the start of September when the mountain climbing season ends. It"s during this time that hiking on the slopes of Mt. Fuji, taking trips along sightseeing highways, & looking at Mt. Fuji alongside the picturesque autumn leaves from the Fuji Five Lakes is highly suggested.

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The best time khổng lồ see autumn leaves around Mt. Fuji


Since the elevation around Mt. Fuji is different, you can see autumn leaves every year for almost a month & a half. In late September, the autumn leaves of alpine plants near the 5th station will emerge first. After that, the lovely autumn foliage will gradually spread towards the mountain foot. Full bloom takes place in the vicinity of Fuji Five Lakes in early November.

Autumn hiking in Oniwa & Okuniwa


Oniwa and Okuniwa are mountain trails near Fuji Subaru Line 4th and 5th station in Yamanashi Prefecture. You should take the walking paths to see the yellow leaves of alpine plants that grow on Mt. Fuji. The best time khổng lồ see them is from early to lớn late October. The golden màu sắc of the mountain"s surface is breathtaking.

Drive và enjoy Mt. Fuji in autumn


There are two driving routes in Mt. Fuji : The Fuji Subaru Line on the Yamanashi side and the Mt. Fuji Skyline on the Shizuoka side. Both routes have good views và you can enjoy the autumnal alpine plants on the surface of Mt. Fuji through the oto window.

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Recommended places where Mt. Fuji & the autumn leaves can be admired

There are attractive locations to visit at the foot of Mt. Fuji where you can enjoy lovely autumn leaves with a backdrop of Mt. Fuji. For autumn leaves around the Fuji Five Lakes near Mt. Fuji, we strongly suggest these picturesque places.

Momiji Tunnel (Lake Kawaguchi)


Momiji Tunnel is a famous place on the north coast of Lake Kawaguchi for autumn leaves. It"s a popular photogenic place as well. Try khổng lồ discover an angle between the maples khổng lồ look at Lake Kawaguchi & Mt. Fuji and take some remarkable pictures!

Spot informationSpot name: Momiji TunnelBest time: Early to lớn mid-NovemberStreet address: 〒401-0304 Oishi, Fujikawaguchiko-machi, Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi PrefectureAccess: About 15 minutes by route bus from Kawaguchiko Station

Oishi Park (Lake Kawaguchi)


Oishi Park is a natural park on Lake Kawaguchi"s north coast. Walking along the park promenade, you can fully admire the flowers, autumn landscape, Mt. Fuji, & Lake Kawaguchi. There are quality maple leaves here that are worth seeing if you"re in the area.

Spot informationSpot name: Oishi ParkBest time: From late October to lớn mid-NovemberStreet address: Fujikawaguchiko-machi, Oishi2525-11Access: About 25 minutes by route bus from Kawaguchiko Station

Asahigaoka lakeside Parkland (Lake Yamanaka)

Asahigaoka lakeside Parkland is a natural park located at Lake Yamanaka. You can appreciate the lit-up red-hot maples along the park promenade and Mt. Fuji at the venue of the "Yuyake no Nagisa - Fall Foliage Festival” there.

Spot informationSpot name: Asahigaoka lakeside ParklandBest time: From late October khổng lồ early NovemberStreet address: Hirano, Yamanakako, Minamitsuru District, YamanashiAccess: Take a 50-minute ride on Fujikko-Go Bus from Mt. Fuji Station khổng lồ "Christmas-no-mori Iriguchi" bus stop and then a 3-minute walk

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