brings lớn the video industry the most secure, easiest, & intelligent solutions for security & business operations. Download our miễn phí IP Camera Scan Tool below.

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IP.. Camera Scan Tool offers a free tool called the “IP Camera Scan Tool” that will kiểm tra lớn see if your IP Cameras are secure.

The IP.. Camera Scan tool will check your cameras for the the most commonly used/default passwords to lớn see if they are vulnerable to being hacked.

Once your cameras are evaluated it will inform you of the current threat level:Green= Your cameras are secureYellow= User access threatRed= Administrative sầu access threat

If your cameras return as red or yellow they are vulnerable to malware used in recent large scale attacks. You need to lớn act immediately to lớn secure them. As more IPhường cameras and internet connected devices get deployed, these attacks will continue to lớn grow.

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It’s important to act now & find out if you’re vulnerable. The IP Camera Scan Tool is ONVIF compliant & can be downloaded on PC’s running Microsoft Windows.

How to lớn Use the IP Camera Scan Tool:

Step 1: Install và mở cửa the IP. Camera Scan Tool.


Step 4: Assess your threat level

Cameras that have been evaluated as “yellow” or “red” are vulnerable khổng lồ malware. Your IPhường cameras are at risk unless you take the necessary steps lớn secure your security system.