It’s easy khổng lồ see why people mistakenly believe that all USB-C cables are essentially the same, and that differences are mostly superficial và a way to lớn mark up prices. After all, it’s just a cable, right?

Wrong. We can tell you from testing more than a dozen USB-C cables that they are not all the same. You will see huge performance differences in transferring data & charging devices depending on the particular cable you buy.

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Unfortunately trying khổng lồ find a unique USB-C cable among the multitude of options available can be daunting. So we bought 14 cables ranging from the biggest, most recognizable brand-names to the cheapest-looking cables aroundand put them through the wringer to chạy thử relative performance. In doing so we were able to identify some clear winners to lớn make your purchasing decision easier.

We separated our picks into two groups: USB-C cables that are suitable for charging, và those that are suitable for both charging andfast data transfer, which essentially comes down to the difference between USB-C 2.0 & 3.1. (Learn more in our guide onhow khổng lồ buy a USB-C cable on Amazon without losing your mind, and find out about how we tested these cables below our picks.)

Best USB-C Cables for charging

1. Javex UL 9990 USB-C lớn USB-C cable


Best Prices Today:$12.99 at Amazon

The Javex USB-C khổng lồ USB-C cable came to lớn our attention over its claim of having met the stringent UL 9990 testing standards, which involves Underwriters Laboratory buying random samples of the cable from stores & rigorously testing them for performance & consistency.

As you can imagine, it’s probably not cheap khổng lồ be in the program, especially when few are even aware of the value of a UL 9990 logo; which could explain why Javex is no longer listed as part of the program but still claims UL9990 “materials” are used.

Regardless, we bởi vì know that in our testing, the cable was top-notch in delivering higher voltage at both 60-watt & 100-watt loads. Lượt thích most brands we’ve never heard of, there’s confusing ad copy, with claims of just 5 volts at 3 amps (15 watts) and no mention of it supporting 20 volts at 5 amps (the 100 watts you need for a laptop). The ad copy also mentions a 56k ohm pull-up resistor “for safety.” That last part confuses us because that’s only required on a USB-C khổng lồ USB-A cable—not USB-C to USB-C.

Despite this, we saw solid performance in both reaching 100-watt charge rates for a laptop, and very low resistance on its high-quality wires makes it our top pick for a 6-foot charging cable from a brand you haven’t heard of.

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And while it lacks wires to tư vấn USB 3.1 speeds, that makes the cable very pliable & lightweight. When we purchased the cable, it was $10, which makes it average-priced. As of today, however, is has dropped to $7, which makes it a far more attractive & easily recommended by us.


We’ll be honest, we didn’t know what khổng lồ expect of the stock 6.6-foot táo khuyết USB-C Charge Cable táo includes with its apple macbook laptops và sells as a replacement item. Yes, we’ve heard the stories and seen the pictures of the sleeving on many hãng apple cables that fall off if you look at them too hard.

In the end, Apple’s USB-C Charge Cable won us over và is actually our recommended cable for those who want a big name on the box and intend lớn use it for mostly charging. When we say the box, we mean it, because táo apple oddly doesn’t include any branding on the cable itself, which is a mistake because you just might phối it up with a lousy cable.

In the over though, it’s what’s inside a cable that matters the most & the táo USB-C cable has top-notch wiring materials that can deliver the most power to lớn your laptop, phone, or tablet. Want to charge your máy tính xách tay at 100 watts all day? That shouldn’t be a problem for the táo USB-C Charge Cable.

Obviously, as a charge cable it’s terrible for data transfer and can’t drive Thunderbolt devices nor your monitor, but as a charging cable it’s excellent.

Another ding is its price of $19, but if you want a name-brand cable, it’s hard khổng lồ beat this. Plus you can buy it from an táo bị cắn store or retailer so you know you’re actually getting what you paid for and not some counterfeit.